Door to Door
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Door to Door Car Transport

Follow these Simple Steps for Transporting Your Vehicle


1. Schedule a Vehicle Transport

Please call our toll free phone number at (855) 514 - 4441 to arrange a vehicle transport. Our friendly staff will assist you with your car moving needs and schedule your vehicle pick-up and delivery. Please check our current specials for the best deals.


2. Vehicle Pick Up

Our friendly and experienced car transporters will arrive at your destination to pick up your car. Before your car is loaded, the truck driver will perform an initial inspection of your car and document all findings on Bill of Landing/ Condition Report.

When Your Vehicle Is Picked Up

  • Provide a complete set of keys (e.g. ignition, trunk and glove box keys) or key fob/entrance code to the truck driver).
  • Check for leaks and alert our truck driver if your vehicle has any fluid leaks.
  • Ensure car alarms are disabled prior to shipping. If the alarm is activated during transport, it could wear down the battery.
  • Perform and sign the Bill of Landing/ Condition Report at the time of vehicle pick-up. You, or your designated representative, is responsible for confirming your vehicle condition.  This must be done before the driver leaves the location.   Request a copy of the inspection form and retain it for your personal records.


3. Vehicle Delivery

Your vehicle will be transported and delivered to your specified location. We will contact you approximately 12-24 hours prior to delivery of your car to notify you of the estimated time of drop off.
At the final destination, our driver will perform a final inspection of your car to ensure that no damage has occurred during transit. You or someone on your behalf should be present during this final inspection to sign the Bill of Landing/ Condition Report.

When Your Vehicle is Delivered

  • Perform a careful inspection of your vehicle, including the undercarriage and the interior. Make sure to note any damages on the post-transport inspection form so it can be compared to the pre-transport inspection. Both you and the driver need to sign the inspection document. Retain a copy for your personal records.

If you need to file a Claim

  • If you need to file a claim, please send all pertinent documentation to This would include information such as the pre- and post- inspection reports, the Proof of Delivery receipt and any photos taken at the time of pick-up and delivery. You can also call us at (855) 514 - 4441 if you have any further questions about your vehicle's delivery condition or the claims process.

Give us Feedback

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the transport of your vehicle is always a positive experience and that you are satisfied with the service that we provide.